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Savor the Seasons

When the garden is overflowing, make the time to preserve some of your harvest, and you will delight in healthy fresh tastes throughout the year.
Not much of a gardener?  Take heart – we have an abundance of local farmers’ markets from April to October, and we all benefit from the hard work that our farming neighbors put in to bring us their locally grown bounty.
In Statesville, visit the Evening Farmers Market at Pecan Park on Thursday afternoons, or the Rotary Farmers Market on Saturday and Wednesday mornings.

Create delicious and rewarding adventures during harvest seasons by checking local newspapers for “you-pick” farms where you can head out and round up as many berries, or apples, or pumpkins, etc., as you can carry.  Ask the farmers at your farmers’ market if they ever have “you-pick” opportunities.

Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs are yet another option: we who are not farmer ourselves, can pay in advance to receive produce and more, once the harvest begins coming in for our area farmers.  Some CSA programs include eggs or meat or other products that the farmers also make.  Ask the farmers at your local farmers’ markets if they have this type of program available.

For year-round local shopping, fresh produce and much more can be found at the Statesville Market & Exchange.

Once you have a pile of tomatoes, or beans, or beets, whatever your choice…
Browse these sites for ideas about how to safely and creatively set aside a stock of delicious and lasting jars for your pantry –
National Center for Home Food Preservation
Pickling Basics (includes lots of recipes!)
General tips on drying food
Home canning recommendations
USDA Guide to Jams and Jellies

A few specific other strategies…
drying fruits in the oven
tips on preserving mushrooms
tips on preserving herbs
tips on preserving rhubarb
tips on preserving green chiles
tips on preserving figs

Fun ideas on canning fruits with herbs from SpendidTable.org
Interested in curing meats? There’s a blog about it!

Related Recipes:
Cured Beef
Ginger Peach Jam
Oven Roasted Dried Apricots in Cardamom Syrup
Oven Dried Apple Chips
Pickled Beets
Plum Butter
Sugared Blackberries
Summer Squash Pickles

Whether you choose canning, pickling, drying, freezing – or all of these,
stock up on each season’s bounty…


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