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Eating Gluten Free

There are an ever increasing number of links and ideas available online to help you decrease or eliminate gluten.

For instance, here is list of gluten-free products to look for at local healthy grocery stores, which we have in Davidson, and in Huntersville.

Of course, another way to reduce gluten is to eat more vegetables, fruits and lean meats and fish.  Grill up some fresh trout and saute a medley of fresh squash – or bake up local organic chicken, mash your own potatoes, and dress fresh greens from the garden – you definitely won’t miss gluten-filled foods in these tasty and nutritious meals!

A local source of healthy produce items and locally sourced protein choices –healthy food groups which are usually free from gluten– is the Statesville Market and Exchange.

Many foods are gluten-free when they are UNPROCESSED, so a smart strategy for healthy eating is to choose fresh foods and ingredients that have been processed as little as possible, i.e. dried or frozen or canned without additive chemicals.

Here is a list of foods that usually contain no gluten when they are unprocessed.
The same site offers sample menus of gluten free meals, gluten free recipe clubs, and other resources.

If you live near a Whole Foods Market (our nearest are currently in Huntersville, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Charlotte and Asheville), they offer an online list of gluten-free products available at your local store.

Kroger’s website also has loads of gluten-free information, including lists of gluten-free ingredients, foods, and products, as well as a helpful list of foods that do contain gluten, to avoid.

Keep in touch if you find additional helpful resources you think we could share here.


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