Examining Nutrition, Exercise, and Renewal Goals for Yourself


Remember that one sure way to make a truly satisfying dessert is to start with fresh, delicious ingredients!

Craving chocolate?  Enjoy a blend of seasonal fresh fruits that you dip into a homemade dark chocolate sauce.

Craving sugar?  Dig into grilled pineapple or poached pears for sweetness that is much healthier than processed foods filled with chemical additives and high fructose corn syrup.

Teach your family’s (and your own) taste buds to appreciate the glory of fresh picked berries, or frozen melon balls that you stored away during the bounty of last season.

When the occasion arises and you do want baked desserts, check out a hometown sweet shop or local bakery, or try your hand at baking yourself – this way you know what’s in the sweet treats you eat.  We even have a local chocolate shop in our area, with handmade truffles and other great treats to make any occasion special.

Even when your desserts are not low-fat, they can be low-chemical!

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