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Wishing a restorative Spring Break to all

crocus white Feb15
“In matters of healing the body or the mind, vacation is a true genius!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

image credit: Amy Naylor Joye

a matter of taste…

Check out this interesting radio story on flavors,
presented by “On Point Radio” with Tom Ashbrook.

Why do we enjoy our favorite flavors so much?
How can a single food taste different to different eaters?
What underlies our cultural tastes and preferences for various flavors?
Many questions remain.  And tastes change!
This story can be a reminder to stay mindful about what we eat… and to think about the choices we make about the foods we consume.

Arome-alimentaire-flavor imagestaste sensation dana foundationfivetastesredberriescom

radio story link:

mindful eating link:

image credit (1): www.universparfums.tn
image credit (2): www.dana.org
image credit (3): greenleavesredberries.com


“…know the innate nature of the Stars, their complexion and property,
as well as a physician understands the nature of a patient,
…Medicine is without value if it not from Heaven.”



“Open your heart and mind, and see what grows.”
Bri. Maya Tiwaru

a new growth tip


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