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a matter of taste…

Check out this interesting radio story on flavors,
presented by “On Point Radio” with Tom Ashbrook.

Why do we enjoy our favorite flavors so much?
How can a single food taste different to different eaters?
What underlies our cultural tastes and preferences for various flavors?
Many questions remain.  And tastes change!
This story can be a reminder to stay mindful about what we eat… and to think about the choices we make about the foods we consume.

Arome-alimentaire-flavor imagestaste sensation dana foundationfivetastesredberriescom

radio story link:

mindful eating link:

image credit (1): www.universparfums.tn
image credit (2): www.dana.org
image credit (3): greenleavesredberries.com

Food Policy TweetChat

What does food have to do with land use?

Do health and agriculture impact each other?

How are farming and food choices related?

These topics are all linked inextricably together, of course.
How can policy decisions reflect the interconnectedness of
land planning, land use, environmental well being, stewardship,
sustainable farming, economic fairness, human health and more?

Share your thoughts and touch base with others
during a TweetChat Wednesday, December 3.

Hosted by the Union of Concerned Scientists, this event features
Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman, and Ricardo Salvador, and
your questions and ideas.  Tune in Wed 12/3 at 3pm Eastern.

Speak Up.  Listen and Learn.  Take Part.


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