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Wishing you well

Welcome to another new school year!
Here’s wishing you every success in your classes and all the other adventures on which you are embarking.
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The time has come for this “Mitchell Club Energy” blog to come to an end.
Thank you for lots of inspiration and support over the last few years here.
If you wish to remain in touch online, please consider keeping up via any or all of the following:

For photos & videos from lab and life:

Blogging continues in a slightly different direction at:

For favorite quotes, occasional updates, and links that interest me: @DrANaylor

Email me directly if you want to join our veterans’ wiki, or if you have other questions: anaylor@mitchellcc.edu

And for other science & health news and local events, follow ‘Doc Amy Naylor’ on Facebook

I wish you wellness, kindness, gratitude, and peace.


Have a wonderful summer!

summer image 2015
See you in August.

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How sweet it is to be finished with finals!

lavender and chairCongratulations on finishing the term.
Wishing all of you the very best in your next adventures.

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Full Moon Wishes

“I cannot say
which is which:
the glowing
plum blossom is
the spring night’s moon.
Izumi Shikibu

image credit: Henny Donovan

Happy May Day!

Modern-day May Day blends multiple cultural and historical traditions…

MayDay-1950_Porter_School_Memphisimage credit: Porter School Memphis 1950

MayDay-Collierley School Dipton UK
image credit: Collierley School Dipton UK

Traditional ‘maypole’ dances are associated with the
seasonal branch of May Day’s heritage and these
festivities remain popular, especially in Europe.

Beltaine, a Celtic celebration of rebirth and the
turning of the seasons, typically falls on or about May 1.

Beltaine’s celebrations mark joyful gratitude
for the onset of fertility and the growing season.

Animals can be turned out to pasture, flowers bloom,
and creative power stirs throughout the world.


image credit: foundsf.org
In the United States, May Day took another twist
in the late nineteenth century.
According to the Industrial Workers of the World,
“On May 1, 1886, more than 300,000 workers
in 13,000 businesses across the United States
walked off their jobs in the first May Day
celebration in history.” 
Click here for an eye-opening historical perspective.

my breath…

image credit: featherheart.wordpress.com

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

Here’s a look at the Chicago River Saturday – they began celebrating early!

photo credit: Amy Naylor Joye


Happy Full Moon

“Moon is the lantern for our souls.”
Carolyn McVickar Edwards

photo credit: hdw.eweb4.com

Ideas of March

Explore our Mitchell and Statesville communities this month.

Check our ENERGY Events calendar for details about student government meetings that are open to all interested students and faculty, as well as various art and music events on our campus.
The Doris Betts Spring Writers Festival includes talks at Iredell County library as a special treat in March.  Follow links to artist bios on the ENERGY Events calendar for more information about who we are privileged to have right here sharing their talents among us.
Check the calendar, check your schedule, and attend what you can.

Enjoy, and Happy March!


Here is an inspiring tale of a young woman finding her way to her own path in life, through her educational experiences with technology:
Click here for Shawnee’s story.

14-year-old Shawnee, in the library at the Wyoming Girls' School in Sheridan, Wy., has found coding helps her be at peace.

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