Examining Nutrition, Exercise, and Renewal Goals for Yourself


Fundamental Goals:
Drink water.
Laugh often.
Be kind.

Nutrition Goals:
Eat whole, minimally processed foods.
Make plant-based foods the foundation of every meal.
Choose food that is sourced as locally and organically as possible.

Exercise Goals:
Move vigorously for at least 20 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week.
Stretch and walk as much as possible every day.
Challenge and forgive the body we have.

Renewal Goals:
Reflect often on all that makes us grateful.
Find ways to express and receive love every day.
Trust ourselves and our creator, and keep the faith.

Club ENERGY was originally formed to bring together science faculty at Mitchell Community College encouraging students and colleagues to “explore nutrition, exercise, and renewal goals for yourself.”  We all seek a better balance in our lives!  Toward that end, we came together as Club ENERGY to share events and tips and strategies for improved health in mind, body and spirit.

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