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full height…

“The holy life cannot work without joy. 
It’s as if it were yeast in bread. 
Without joy the holy life cannot rise to its full height. 
So enjoy every moment and especially the effort.”
Ayya Khema

image credit: Amy Naylor Joye


Star Talk is back!  The wonderful Neil Degrasse Tyson hosts
an hour that blends science with pop culture, entertainment, and more.


Check out an intriguing list of guests for the coming season:

The program airs on the National Geographic channel at 11pm ET,
starting tonight 4/20 with George Takei, who turns 78 years old today.

fyi Star Talk Radio podcasts are available at SiriusXM, iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and TuneIn.

image credit: scienceblogs.com

Amazing Fish!

Read about the Lombard effect observed in our fellow species, as they adapt to our noisy selves.


More than eight hundred fish species are known to hoot, moan, grunt, groan, thump, bark, or otherwise vocalize.

image credit: Kyle T. Webster, The New Yorker

Making Choices

Skip the deforestation with your fries.
Shop where your dollars support conscientious corporate citizens.

Avoid supporting companies that exploit the planet.

Sounds good, right?  How do we know which companies share our values?

The Union of Concerned Scientists has provided a helpful guide.
Their Palm Oil Scorecard rates fast-food restaurants, store brands, packaged foods, and personal care products according to how well the companies selling these products have committed to fight global climate change.
In this case, criteria include commitment to use only palm oil produced without deforestation.  Progress from 2014 to 2015 is shown.https://i1.wp.com/www.ucsusa.org/sites/default/files/styles/herospace/public/images/2015/04/tfci-palm-fruit-reverse.jpg

Some of the scores may be a surprise.  If something we typically buy for our home or our family is available at more than one of the stores listed, and only one of them has made a strong commitment to acting more responsibly toward the climate, why not vote with our dollars by supporting the company that made that commitment?  Educated consumers can make better choices. 

The Palm Oil Scorecard website summarizes the ratings, and downloads are available as well, with details such as a detailed scoring breakdown.

image credit: Union of Concerned Scientists


“You can tell world-class scientists from the run-of-the-mill investigators
by the speed with which they recognize that they are heading
into a blind alley.  Blind alleys and garden paths heading nowhere
are the principal hazards in research.”

Lewis Thomas

Happy STEAM Day!

Good fun was had by all celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering,
Arts, and Mathematics here at Mitchell today…

Here are three of our General Chemistry students
proudly displaying their research posters:

AClifton 20150401

B Duley 20150401

S Ashcraft 20150401

image credits: Amanda Clifton & Amy Naylor Joye

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