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More Nutrition News

Change is coming for Nutrition Labels on food items.  America has not updated food labels in twenty years, and the food industry could have have two years to implement these proposed changes.  Still, progress is being made!

Updates include:

  • more realistic ‘serving size’ quantities
  • clear emphasis on sugar content
  • larger print total Calorie count
  • required listing of Vitamin D content

The amount that makes up a “Serving size” is updated,
and easier to read on the label:

image credit: fda.gov/Food

new nutrition-label-artboard

Read more about it here or:

Good News for Child Health

Latest reports indicate that childhood obesity rates
are beginning to come down, which is great news for our children’s future,
and positive reinforcement for nutrition and exercise initiatives!

Read the article here or at:

childhood_obesity_complications blogk12com

And… there is still plenty of room for improvement.
This page from the American Heart Association has more tips and facts:

image credit: blogk12.com


“No matter what accomplishments you make,
somebody helped you.”
Althea Gibson
helping hands

image credit: vanderbilt.edu


“Just remember the world is not a playground but a schoolroom.
Life is not a holiday but an education.
One eternal lesson for us all: to teach us better how we should love.”
Barbara Jordan

hands into heart myintersectcomschoolhousehands into heart myintersectcom

image credits: gaston.k12.nc.us (schoolhouse); myintersect.com (heart)

weather response

Here’s one option for responding to precipitation –

girl in rain

Hope everyone stays safe, and keeps as much of
a sense of wonder and a sense of humor as possible!


Keep love stronger than fear in your life this week, no matter what comes.

marian anderson

image credit: wiseblackwomen.tumblr.com

Community College in the news

“Where America unravels, community colleges knit.”
Tom Ashbrook, On Point Radio

Check out this story about Community Colleges on America’s front lines.


image credit: durhamnc.gov

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