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Good Luck on Finals!

Here’s wishing all our students great success with final exams,

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and a wonderful winter break – Enjoy!

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“I shall go away grateful – if not satisfied.  Satisfied!  What a beggarly state!
Who would be satisfied with being satisfied?”
Edith Wharton

World AIDS Day

Every year on December 1,
the global community honors those affected by HIV and AIDS,
and re-commits to ending the spread of this disease.

We raise awareness about this illness, work for better health and conditions
for those currently living with HIV and AIDS, and we celebrate the lives
of friends and loved ones we have lost.

Here at Mitchell, our World AIDS Day education and commemoration takes place 11am-3pm on December 4th and 5th outside Montgomery Student Union on the main Statesville campus.
Stop by to check out resources and information that Iredell County Health Department brings to share with our entire community.
Learn more about how HIV is and is NOT transmitted, how to get tested, and what the virus can do inside our bodies.
Learn how to access treatment, or prevent infection, and how to support people living with HIV and AIDS.

Here’s to your health, and to a world where HIV and AIDS no longer take the lives of so many.


image credits: http://aids.gov; http://www.hnkcnews.com; http://blog.lass.org.uk


“In the ancient meaning of the term, a natural resource,
like all of life, is self-renewing.”

Fritjof Capra

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