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“To restore a human balance upset by our pathologically dehumanized technology, we must foster human feeling, feeling as disciplined and as refined, by constant application and correction, as our highest intellectual processes.”
Betty Roszak

autumn light

Autumn has arrived, and with it the days are growing shorter…
Keep your spirits up with a simple, inexpensive treat: light a candle!
When you watch the gentle flickering of the candle’s flame, let yourself relax and reflect on the gifts in your life.
Select any color that makes you happy, and keep it unscented to avoid putting unnecessary air pollution into your home.
One easy place to savor candlelight is in the bathroom when you shower – let that be a time to truly relax!
Stay safe and never leave a burning candle unattended.
Gratitude is good for our health, so find a few moments every day to think thankful thoughts.

higher nature…

“Our life evokes our character.  You find out more about yourself as you go on.  That’s why it’s good to be able to put yourself in situations that will evoke your higher nature rather than your lower.  ‘Lead us not into temptation.’ ”
Joseph Campbell

Happy Constitution Day

wavingflag2Constitution Day is here!

The signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787, by the Founding Fathers is one of the most important and influential events in American history, establishing the many rights and freedoms “We the People” enjoy today.
The Library has copies of the Constitution, a poster about Constitution Day and a display of library books about the Constitution.
Pocket size copies of the Constitution are available for any members of our community who are interested.  
Please take time to visit the display. 

For more information about the Constitution, visit http://www.constitutionday.com/



“Then there are adventures into which you are thrown… You didn’t intend it, but you’re in now.  This is a type of adventure in which the hero has no idea what s/he is doing but suddenly finds themselves in a transformed realm… In these stories, the adventure that the hero is ready for is the one s/he gets.”
Joseph Campbell

Run with Balloons!

This year’s Carolina BalloonFest has a new feature:
a 5K and Fun Run event, scheduled for Sunday October 20, 2013.
The 5K begins at 8:30am, on a course that is billed as “flat and fast.”
The kid-friendly Fun Run begins at 9:30am.
All events are at the Statesville Regional Airport (see details at link below).

Registration supports BalloonFest’s fundraising for the American Cancer Society.
The registration fee includes Festival admission, free parking, a Tshirt, and lawn seating for the afternoon concert.
Prices increase (slightly) on October 1, so make your plans soon!

For more information about this event, click here.
( Or visit http://www.racingtoes.com/carolina-balloonfest-5k-and-kids-fun-run/ )



“In one kind of adventure, the hero sets out responsibly and intentionally to perform the deed… That is the adventure of finding out what your career is, what your nature is, what your source is.  You undertake that intentionally.”
Joseph Campbell

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