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Good Luck with Finals!!!

Wishing everyone the very best with final exams,
and CONGRATULATIONS on finishing up this Spring term!

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count down…

“Patience is the ability to count down before you blast off.”
~Author Unknown

Happy STEM Day, Everyone!

Today is STEM Day at Mitchell Community College!

Come on out to the old gym and the Circle on Statesville’s main campus.
(Rain plan: everything in the old gym)
We’ll be out from 8am – 5pm doing different demonstrations and activities.
Come join in a murder mystery, learn how a telescope works,
explore evolution, learn how network technology operates,
and much, much more!

See you at STEM Day!

Meditation Benefits

Do you meditate?  Do you ever wonder if you could benefit from meditation?
Most people see measurable health improvements from regular meditation.
Here are a few of the ways meditation can help you:

  • People who meditate are more alert, and can concentrate better.
  • Meditation improves your attention and memory.
  • Meditation helps the immune system work better.
  • Meditation reduces the experience of pain.

For most people, 20-60 minutes of regular meditation will bring these benefits,
and the more often you meditate, the more improvements you get!

Click here for the entire article by Amanda Chan on the Huffington Post.


Come on out for the BINGO Walk at 12:20pm Tuesday, April 23

Begin at any of the four locations:

  • Student Union
  • Continuing Education (Front Street)
  • Cherry Street
  • Music Building

Play BINGO while you walk for health and fun –  free water and prizes for everyone!
All are welcome, so come join the entire community out walking.
See you out walking… and Good Luck with your BINGO card…

(photo from picgifs.com)

new ways of thinking…

“The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as
to discover new ways of thinking about them.”
William Henry Bragg

Teaching STEM

There is a terrific opportunity for sophomore or junior level college students interested in teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics.
Eligible students who become Noyce Scholars can receive up to $18,000 a year for two years at Catawba College, as well as mentoring and internship opportunities and more, through an NSF grant.
Please share with other students who might be interested.


STEM Day is coming!


Mitchell Community College’s
1st annual STEM Day
April 24 from 8am-5pm


Participate in a murder mystery!
Visit with the Piedmont Amateur Astronomers!
Find out how evolution works!
Experience a police firearms demonstration!
Learn to extract DNA!

All this and much more, coming to the Circle and the Old Gym
Wednesday, April 24 from 8am-5pm
See your STEM faculty for schedules and more details!

Mitchell 2013 5K

You can run, walk, skip or stroll… join in the 2013 Mitchell 5K on Saturday, May 5.

Registration is $20, with proceeds supporting low-cost programs for a growing student population, underfunded and unfunded programs and services, response to industry and community needs for workforce training, and faculty/staff development.
Additional information is available at: http://mitchellcc.edu/run/
Registration begins at 8am, and the Run begins at 9am.

And if you are not yet convinced that you want to join, here’s anextra incentive from Dr. Brewer:



“Another practice for the development of attention is single-pointed concentration.  Here the observer may choose any kind of object, external or internal, something that s/he can easily conjure the image of.  The training proceeds with the deliberate placement of one’s attention on the chosen object and the attempt to hold that attention as long as possible.
This practice involves primarily the use of two faculties: mindfulness, which keeps the mind tied to the object, and introspective vigilance, which discerns whether distraction occurs in the mind and whether the vividness of the mind’s focus has become lax.
At the heart of this practice lies the development of two qualities of the disciplined mind – the stability of prolonged attention and the clarity or vividness with which the mind can perceive the object.”
the Dalai Lama

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