Examining Nutrition, Exercise, and Renewal Goals for Yourself

As February ends…

March is Advising Month at Mitchell.  Students who plan to register for summer and/or fall semesters need to contact their advisor for an appointment so their educational plans can be made.  Students without an educational plan will not be able to participate in online registration.  If you are unsure of who your advisor is, please login to your WebAdvisor account and review your student profile.  Any student who is not enrolled in a program of study or designated as a special credit student should make plans to see a counselor in Student Services to create their educational plan.  Only new students will be advised by the advising center.  Priority registration dates for summer are April 11 for students with 30 or more semester hour credits; April 15 for students with 9 or more semester hour credits; and April 17 for new students, or those with 8 or fewer semester hour credits.

As an incentive to encourage more participation in Advising Month, the College will sponsor a weekly giveaway for students who meet with their advisor to create an educational plan.  Students will be provided a form through their Mitchell Community College email account that they will need to have signed by their advisor.  Afterwards, they will need to turn the completed form in at one of the locations that will be included in the email.  Each week one name will be drawn to receive a prize.  More details will be provided about the weekly giveaways on the Student Services Facebook page or by calling counseling at 704-878-3288 for more information.


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