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Views on Blue

Check out this interesting article about the color blue!


The write-up by Natalie Angier features perspectives like:
“Fungi, crabs and beetles may do cerulean, said the Yale ornithologist Richard O. Prum, “but for some reason, vertebrate physiology never evolved the ability to make or use blue pigments.” In place of blue pigment, vertebrates and others turn to figment. As Dr. Prum and others have determined lately, many of nature’s most spectacular blues — the plumage of a blue jay or indigo bunting, the teal of a skink lizard’s tail, and now the lesula monkey’s blue scrotum and Pollia’s shimmering blue fruit — are structural in nature. They arise from the specific shape and arrangement of their underlying components.”

Intrigued? Follow the link above to learn more about blue hues – who knew??



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