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MCC Club Fair

Thanks to all for turning out for the MCC Club Fair events in Statesville and Mooresville this week.
We look forward to this new semester, exploring your interests related to nutrition, exercise, renewal and wellness!
Have a terrific Labor Day weekend and Keep in touch.

Statesville Greenways cleanup

Statesville greenway volunteer cleanup event Saturday October 13th, 9am to 12pm.
Meet at the Statesville Fitness and Activity Center, the city will provide rubber gloves and trash bags.
Come out with friends and family, and volunteer a little time to the community.
What a great way to get to know the Greenways!

(Here’s another great way – visit http://statesvillegreenways.org/)

our source…

“When critical self-concepts prevent us from seeing the beauty in ourselves, we lose connection with the divine energy that is our source.  Conditioned to view ourselves as objects – objects full of shortcomings – is it any wonder that many of us en up relating violently to ourselves?
“An important area where this violence can be replaced with compassion is in our moment-to-moment evaluation of ourselves.”
Marshall Rosenberg

Girls On The Run

Girls on the Run” is an organization dedicated to inspiring girls (8-13 years old) to be joyful, healthy, and confident.  Our local chapter (serving Iredell and Rowan) needs volunteer help, and we’re hoping some Club ENERGY members will be interested in this service opportunity.

From the “Girls on the Run” website: “The goal of the program is to unleash confidence through accomplishment while establishing a lifetime appreciation of health and fitness.”  They describe themselves as a “transformational learning program” that teaches life skills “through dynamic, conversation-based lessons and running games. The program culminates with the girls being physically and emotionally prepared to complete a celebratory 5k running event.”

Local (Iredell and Rowan) Council Director Tanya Kummerow describes current volunteer opportunities:
1. Girls on the Run coach – this volunteer position is quite a commitment with coaches giving 90 minutes of their time, 1 or 2 days a week for a 12 week season.  Many Girls on the Run teams meet directly after school.  Days of the week vary depending on the school, location and the coaches’ schedules.  Each coach attends a half-day training and submits to a background check.  Several training dates are available, and one on one trainings can accommodate your busy schedules.  There is a great need for coaches in northern Iredell County.  The season begins the week of Sept 17.  Please contact Tanya Kummerow with your commitment before the end of August as registration begins and they need to secure all coaches for all sites before they can open registration.

2. Volunteer opportunities at our Girls on the Run 5k Race – this year’s event will be held on December 15th at the Statesville Soccer Complex.

I would encourage the students to check out our website to see if our program is something they would be interested in.  Coaches and volunteers do not need to be runners!  They do, however, need to be good role models for the girls they will be working with!”  Tanya Kummerow, Council Director, Girls on the Run / Iredell and Rowan Counties
If you are interested, please make contact as soon as possible:
Tanya Kummerow  704-280-6203  http://gotriredell.org


“An extensive body of research now exists that has measured and validated the psychological and physiological benefits of music on human development and behavior.  And we must not forget the shamanic model: Music, whether produced by voice, instrument, or the two in concert, restores our connection with our essence – the realm beyond our conscious awareness – and thus, with the cosmos.”
Mitchell L. Gaynor

“Everybody Walk”

Walking can make a big difference for health.

Kaiser Permanente has lauched the site “Everybody Walk” encouraging people to walk more, and generally get more exercise!

The site features a video of “Safe Walk” programs to help more kids walk to school.  Good stuff.

(Here is the direct link to the video: http://everybodywalk.org/)

Statesville Greenways

For those of you looking to walk for exercise and well-being in Statesville, here is a link to a site dedicated to Greenways and linking up those who enjoy walking, hiking, etc.  Stay tuned for more walking maps & links, including walking routes on our own campuses – both Statesville and Mooresville.
(If the link above does not work, go directly to http://statesvillegreenways.org/)


“Nature holds a great mystery, zealously guarded by her custodians from those who would profane or abuse the wisdom.  Periodically portions of this tradition are quietly revealed to those of humanity who have attuned their eyes to see and ears to hear.”
Scott Olsen

Welcome to a New Year!

Welcome back to Mitchell – or welcome for the first time if you are a new student!
Watch this blog for updates on our meetings, events, etc. as well as occasional news of interest to those of us who follow the science of wellness.
Please join us, and share what ‘energizes’ you!

Summer Recipe Ideas

Let the bounty of this season fuel you and your family with delicious vegetable dishes every day.
(And remember that freezing can give you a ‘taste of summer’ after the temperature falls and schedules get busier.)

Enjoy a whole host of summer vegetables with these recipes to help turn your garden – or local farmers’ market – into just about the only grocery store you need!

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