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“You can address anything as a “thou,” and if you do it, you can feel the change
in your own psychology.  The ego that sees a “thou” is not the same
ego that sees an “it.”  ”
Joseph Campbell


“The nature of life itself has to be realized in the acts of life.”
Joseph Campbell

good teacher…

“I think that anyone brought up in an extremely strict, authoritative social situation is unlikely ever to come to the knowledge of himself… A good coach doesn’t tell the runner exactly how to hold his arms or anything like that.  He watches him run, and then helps him to correct his own natural mode.  A good teacher is there to watch the young person and recognize what the possibilities are – then to give advice, not commands.”
Joseph Campbell


Welcome to the end of regular classes for Spring semester!

Congratulations on the hard work & curiosity that brought you to this point,
and all the very best on finals!


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