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“When we can be dumbfounded at what comes out of us or what others are capable of disclosing, we are growing persons.”
Sidney Jourard

Sustainable Energy

A long, thoughtful explanation here by the insightful Amory Lovins, detailing how and why we can/must/will develop a sustainable energy infrastructure.  Keep hope alive and keep an eye on the prize.

Beautiful Homecoming

This is a beautiful video of a surprise reunion of a returning soldier and his wife.
Brings a joyful tear to the eye!

(If link above does not work, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNPUpkbxT38)



“The only real liberation is that which liberates both the oppressor and the oppressed.”
Thomas Merton

Statesville Greenways

Check out this excellent site (http://statesvillegreenways.org/) for learning about trail networks in the Statesville community.  Find maps, photos and more to help inspire you to get out and walk, run, bike, and tune in with the natural environment that surrounds us.

Note that the MCC Field Biology blog (http://mccfieldbiology.blogspot.com/) links with the Statesville Greenways (http://statesvillegreenways.org/) site also!

Sustainable Ag @ Grammys!

Did you catch this tv ad (for Chipotle)  during the Grammy Awards broadcast?
It’s a terrific summary of why and how we need to encourage sustainable agriculture!

The ad can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/user/chipotle?v=aMfSGt6rHos

what you are…

“As long as you are trying to be something other than what you actually are, your mind wears itself out.”

Springtime Training Goal!

Interested in getting into shape, and need a special event to get motivated?
Check out the MCC 5K Walk/Run coming up on May 5, 2012.

For information about training and getting into gear, check out this 9-week program “from couch to 5K.”
Set a goal, make a plan, and celebrate the turning seasons by getting fit!

Encouraging Findings…

Here is good news, and a powerful motivation to include plenty of quality fiber in our diets.  Breast cancer risk can be significantly reduced by eating more fiber.  Whole food eaters with daily fiber intakes over 25 grams saw the biggest improvement – and every little bit helps!  Add a few grams of quality organic fiber to your diet, keep on adding until you reach 20-25 grams each day, and know that you are building a healthier future.  Here is the link to article analysis.

What do 20-25 grams of dietary fiber look like?
Here are a few examples of fiber content… mix and match a different combination each day!
1 cup of cooked lentils = 15.6 grams
1 cup of cooked black beans = 15 grams
1 medium cooked artichoke = 10.3 grams
1 cup of cooked peas = 8.8 grams
1 cup of fresh raspberries = 8 grams
1 medium pear (with skin) = 5.5 grams
1 cup of cooked turnip greens = 5 grams
1 medium apple (with skin) = 4.4 grams
1 cup of cooked brown rice = 3.5 grams
1 ounce of almonds = 3.5 grams
1 ounce of pecans = 2.7 grams

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