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Winter Fresh!

Check out this link for recipes and reminders about wonderful fresh vegetables and fruit that can brighten up your winter table and keep you eating seasonally… Enjoy!

Silly things…

” ‘I just don’t like to see you waste your time on Silly things.’  He said. 
‘Well then,’ she said, ‘Close your eyes.’ ”
Leigh Standley

deep process…

“Sometimes, we do not notice a deep process when it comes up, or we don’t feel ready to deal with it, and that’s all right.  In the loving wisdom of our inner being, it will recycle and give us as many chances at it as we need.”
Anne Wilson Schaef

Veterans Club Interest Meetings


12:20pm in Statesville (VB109) AND in Mooresville (MCB203)
Tuesday, 15 November 2011

If you are unable to attend either meeting and want to let us know you are interested, please contact a club advisor:
Amy Naylor afnaylor@mitchellccmail.com
Tracy Rapp trapp@mitchellcc.edu
Gary Johnson gjohnson@mitchellcc.edu

Thank You!

the same light…

“…I referred to the unparalleled complexity of the human group – all those races, those nations, those state whose entanglements defy the resourcefulness of anatomists and ethnologists alike.  There are so many rays in that spectrum that we despair of analysing them.  Let us try instead to perceive what this multiplicity represents when viewed as a whole.  If we do this we will see that its disturbing aggregation is nothing by a multitude of sequins sending back to each other by reflection the same light.  We find hundreds or thousands of facets, each expressing at a different angle a reality which seeks itself among a world of groping forms.  We are not astonished (because it happens to us) to see in each person the spark of reflection developing… ”
Teilhard de Chardin

Veterans Welcome

In honor of Veterans Day coming later this week, here is a radio story from last year about the history of how America has learned, sometimes with difficulty, to welcome home our veterans. 
With thanks to all who serve and support, here is a bit of backstory.


“That we close down is not a problem. In fact, to become aware of when we do so is an important part of the training. The first step in cultivating lovingkindness is to see when we are erecting barriers between ourselves and others. Unless we understand–in a non-judgmental way–that we are hardening our hearts, there is no possibility of dissolving that armor. Without dissolving the armor, the lovingkindness of bodhicitta is always held back. We are always obstructing our innate capacity to love without an agenda.”
-Pema Chodron

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