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“Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn.”
Elizabeth Lawrence

HEALTHY FOOD FILMS: “Fast Food Nation”

Ever wonder how fast food burgers are made?  Want to know more about who feeds your family when you ‘drive thru?’  Join us on Friday, November 4 to find out, as we lauch the HEALTHY FOOD FILMS series with the 2006 “Fast Food Nation” film adaptation of Eric Schlosser’s book.

Meet in the Student Services Center room 202 for a 3pm movie, followed by a brief discussion. 
Stay tuned for more films in this series!

Hope to see you in SSC-202 at 3pm on Fri, 11/4 for FAST FOOD NATION

Green Halloween

Check out these tips to make sure Halloween is the right kind of scary!!!

Cut down waste and exposure to toxins this holiday season.

Happy Halloween!


“The leaves fall patiently
Nothing remembers or grieves
The river takes to the sea
The yellow drift of leaves.”
–   Sara Teasdale


“We need to approach our state of mind with curiosity and open wonder.  That open curious listening to life is joy – no matter what the mood of our life is.”
Charlotte Joko Beck

Meeting Reminder

We hope to see you at 12:30pm today, Thursday October 13 in SB203.
If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, please keep in touch online to let us know your thoughts and ideas.

Student Ideas Meeting 10.13

Come One, Come All, Club ENERGY Meeting Thursday!
Please come to room 203 in the Science Building on Thursday, October 13 at 12:30pm.
We look forward to seeing you and hearing more of your suggestions and ideas.

open heart…

“We need to retain an open heart so that whatever or whenever we do anything our action will be an act of love and compassion and nothing less.”
Dr. Thynn Thynn


“This whole everything, which is no separate thing, never remains the same from one instant to the next, and yet each moment is totally sufficient, whole, and without conflict.  We are not separate from all this!  There is no separate movement of ‘me’ and ‘mine’ except in thought-feeling and memory.  Deeply realizing the beauty of this is love and joy and the ending of insecurity.”
Toni Packer

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